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  • Devin’s Muffins

    There is HOPE in these muffins!  Grain FREE, Dairy FREE, Gluten FREE!  Banana, Peanut Butter, Eggs, Honey and Chocolate Chips.  Great for a quick snack, pre work-out, post work-out or with a nice cup of cawfee for breakfast!!!

    6 muffins per tray.

    PER MUFFIN: Calories 95, Carbs 8, Fat 6.5, Protein 3

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  • Protein Pancakes

    No pain, no gain! Our delicious protein pancakes made with vanilla protein, cinnamon and greek yogurt topped off with slices of bananas complemented with a side of strawberries and blueberries, with a side of honey.

    Calories: 328 | Carbs: 35 | Fat: 4.25 | Protein: 24


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  • Kiddies PB+J

    Delicious snack for the kiddies! Peanut butter, jelly, banana and granola wrapped tightly in our whole wheat wrap with a side of apple slices. Who doesn’t love pb+j?!

    Calories: 493 | Carbs: 74 | Fat:20 | Protein: 14

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