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  • Lean Turkey Scramble with Cauliflower Rice

    Lean ground turkey sauteed with diced peppers, mild seasoning,  onions, butternut squash and spinach served over cauliflower rice

    Calories 415, Protein (g) 44, Carbs(g) 42, Fiber(g) 11, Fat(g) 9

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  • mathemeatloaf_eatelitenow

    MA! The Meatloaf

    Rated 5.00 out of 5

    Turkey Meatloaf with Mashed Cauliflower and String Beans.

    Macros: Calories 360 | Fats 12g | Carbs 32g | Protein 31g

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  • Bison Burger with carmelized onions, sweet potato & broccoli

    Bison Burger with carmelized onions, sweet potato & broccoli

    Calories 482, Protein (g) 49, Carbs(g) 32, Fiber(g) 6, Sugar(g) 9, Fat(g) 18, Sat(g) 7, Trans 0

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  • Lean Chicken Fajitas over Cauliflower Rice

    6 oz. lean chicken breast, yellow and red bell pepper strips, yellow onion, cauliflower rice, olive oil, salt, cumin, paprika, cayenne pepper

    Calories 375, Fat(g) 7.5, Saturated(g) 0.2, Trans(g) 0, Sodium(mg) 752, Carbs(g) 16.4, Fiber(g) 6.2, Sugars(g) 6.9, Protein (g) 43

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  • Grilled chicken with Sweet Potato Wedges & Green Beans

    Grilled Chicken with Sweet Potato Wedges and Green Beans

    Calories 404, Fat(g) 13.8, Saturated(g) 2.5, Trans(g) 0, Sodium(mg) 583, Carbs(g) 39, Fiber(g) 10, Sugars(g) 10, Protein(g) 33

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  • Buffalo Bison Burger

    For our Buffalo Buffalo Lovers!  Lean Canadian Bison Burger over Arugula topped with Celery and Blue Cheese Crumbles and drizzled with a Spicy Buffalo Sauce  with a side of Baked Sweet Potato Wedges

    Calories 357, Carbs 31, Fat 19, Protein 32

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  • Teriyaki Steak Roll-ups

    Delicious steak wrapped around assorted veggies (peppers, carrots, zucchini), topped with a soy sauce marinade, including garlic, ginger, honey and lime juice.



    Calories: 418       |Protein: 32.5    |Carbs: 28.5   |Fats: 12

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  • Gettin’ Piggy With It

    GETTIN' PIGGY WITH IT! Our delicious 6 ounce pork chop smothered in honey bbq sauce. Served with cooked brussel sprouts and bacon bits with a side of organic apple sauce. OUT OF THIS WORLD!!!

    Calories: 446 | Carbs: 28 | Fat: 20 | Protein: 36

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  • Bolton’s Black Bean Quesadilla

    Submitted by the one the only DON BOLTON!! Delicious tortilla stuffed with black beans, onions, cilantro, hot peppers and cheese, served with a side of salsa and carrots. *Vegetarian

    Calories: 199 | Carbs: 31.2 | Fat: 3.9 | Protein: 10

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